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To improve the quality of employees at all levels of an organization, staffing must be a strategic priority.

A staffing system, or a staffing plan, is a pattern, a form and a process for those who hire, screen, interview, and employ new employees. When accurately planned and implemented, it leads people through the hiring process from start to finish, telling them what steps to take, what order to take them in, and what to take, what order to take them in, and what needs to be accomplished with each step.


A staffing system standardizes personnel practices, guarantees that everybody in the company is reliable in engaging policies, and thereby becomes a formula for removing some of the risk and uncertainty from the process.

An efficient staffing system consists of five vital steps:

  1. Planning a picture of the ideal candidate
  2. Developing a cadre of qualified candidates
  3. Screening the candidates
  4. Interviewing and checking references
  5. Making the hiring decision

From the above e discussion it is initiate that Staffing one of the most essential job of management of an organization. Because it is deal with some crucial activity like employment/hiring, screening, placement of human resource in right place.