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Social Compliance Management

Social Compliance is the Result of conformance to the rules of social accountability by the extended organization including not only the organization’s own policies and practices but also those of its supply and distribution chains. It is a continuing process in which the involved parties keep on looking for better ways to protect the health, safety, and fundamental rights of their employees, and to protect and enhance the community and environment in which they operate. The American Society for Quality, which promotes social responsibility, advises, “Many companies who are looking for long-term profitability are looking for ways to become more socially responsible.” A social compliance audit is an effective way for companies and organizations to meet this goal. Social accountability audits are voluntary and help companies develop and implement fair practice programs that are transparent across supply chains.

Social compliance ManagementA social compliance audit is a systematic and independent external assessment administered by a trained social auditor against a specific standard (for example SA8000) etc. to determine whether an entity is meeting those standards and complying with established policies, operating procedures and national and local laws. Results of a social compliance audit are not usually public.
Social Compliance is that part of compliance which is dealing with social responsibility, welfare program, advises, Security and safety, fundamental rights of  companies employees.