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Organising is the next important function of management after the planning. In case of planning a manager decides what is to be done in future. In case of organizing he decides on ways and mean through which it will be easier to achieve what has been planned. Organising or organizing is a process of gathering, grouping, and combination of all other management function for attaining organizational goals.


Suppose, it is planned to start a new plant for soft drinks within six months. The immediate task for the manager then is to identify and assign the various tasks involved and devise structure of duties and responsibilities so that things move smoothly and the objective is achieved.

Organising is essential because it facilitates administration as well as operation of enterprise. By grouping work and people properly, production increases, overload of work is checked, wastage is reduced, duplication of work is restricted and effective delegation becomes possible. Secondly, organizing facilitates growth and diversification of activities through clear allotment of effort. It helps in raising an accurate organisation formation and the extent and nature of delegation can be determined. In addition to the above, organizing also provides for the optimum use of technical and human resources. It also encourages creativity and enhances interaction among different levels of management which leads to unification of efforts of all.

Thus from the above discussion we came to the points that it is the process of identifying and grouping the work to be performed, defining and determining responsibility and authority for each job position, establishing relationship among various job positions, determining detailed rules and regulations of working for individuals and groups in organisation.